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Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet Read “How colleges are preparing student

Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet
Read “How colleges are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet”
How colleges are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet
Before you begin writing answers to the questions provided below, make a note of words in the article that were unfamiliar to you. You’ll want to look those up.
You may also want to talk about the article with a classmate, parent, or friend.
Summarize the article’s main points. Is the article’s author making an argument? What evidence does she offer in support of her argument? Your summary should focus on the main ideas of the article. It should also be at least 4 sentences long. 
Digital texts are layered. They contain  the author’s words and ideas but that’s not all. The article contains hyperlinks, images, etc. Hyperlinks are links to other digital sources — click on several of these and review them. What kind of information is added by reading the hyperlinked articles and webpages? Pick one hyperlink to focus on. What does reading that source add that you didn’t know before you clicked on it? 
The  article, “How Colleges are Preparing Students for Jobs” generated a fairly heated debate in the comments section. Pretend that you are adding a comment to the article’s comment section. Write a comment for your answer to #3. Some questions to give you ideas: Do you agree with the author? What experiences or knowledge inform your response to the author’s ideas and the evidence she offers? If you had conversations with others, did those conversations influence your thinking?
Answer all questions as fully as possible. Your entry must be at least 250 words long, respond to each of the three parts of the prompt, and  quote the article “How Colleges are Preparing Students for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet ” at least once in your response.
Here’s how you’ll be graded
Weekly Assignment Specifications Checklist
To earn all available points for the week’s assignment,  your submission must include all elements listed below. If your goal for this course is to earn an A, be sure to check off your completion of each element.
Answers parts of the assignment prompt and expresses ideas clearly and in your own words
Demonstrates careful attention to the assigned reading (or viewing) and/or research
Includes at least one quote from the reading (or viewing) and/or research.
Entry must meet the word count minimum specified in the instructions.
Document Specs
Follows standard professional document formatting (1″ margins on all sides, double spacing, a professional font such as Times New Roman or Calibri, 12pt font)
Submitted by the Due Date
Demonstrates sufficient self-review to avoid careless errors like typos, misspellings, missing words, sentences without standard capitalization or punctuation. 

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